‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 3 Coming this Thursday, Check Out the New Trailer

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On Friday Telltale Games teased some screenshots from the forthcoming Episode 3 of their Game of Thrones (Free) adventure game series, and we also learned that the new episode was set for release sometime this month. Today Telltale has broken down the full release specifics for every platform, and it turns out that iOS users can look forward to Episode 3 “The Sword in the Darkness" this Thursday. They’ve also created a brand new trailer showing the new episode in action.

If you happen to be enjoying the game on a platform other than iOS, or possibly even in addition to iOS, then your release dates break down as so: on PC, Mac and North American PlayStation platforms the new episode drops tomorrow March 24th. Xbox folks and European PlayStation owners will see it the following day on March 25th. And of course, us iOS and Android folks will see it on March 26th. Oh and just as a reminder, the full title of this is Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series: Episode Three – The Sword in the Darkness. What a mouthful!

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