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‘Marvel Future Fight’ is a Soft-Launched Action-RPG with a Ton of Marvel Superheroes

NetMarble has just soft-launched an interesting Marvel action-RPG in Australia, called Marvel Future Fight. This is looking a lot like the action-RPGs that are all throughout the App Store, where you control a character through levels, fighting waves of baddies, deploying special abilities with cooldown timers and whatnot, but the big difference here? You’re fighting with a team of Marvel heroes, with the ability to swap heroes during battle, and use team-up attacks as well, all in the name of fighting evil versions of superheroes and turning them back to the good side, and adding them to your army of battlers.

The game’s out now in Australia, and it’s not hard to imagine that this is something you’ll be seeing worldwide next month right before Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out in theaters. The response from our forums has been quite positive so far. While there’s three currencies and an energy timer, the gameplay is getting some positive comments, and it seems like the monetization is most driven around character collection, with loads of heroes to get. This may just be worth keeping an eye on when it comes out.