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‘Final Fantasy: Record Keeper’ Soft Launches in Canada… On Android

unnamed-3We’ve been following developments of Final Fantasy: Record Keeper for quite a while now, but our excitement kicked into overdrive last month when it was announced that the game was in fact going to see an English release. If this is the first you’ve heard of the game, here’s the basic gist from our previous article-

The game has a similar structure to other social RPGs in that you basically fight through increasingly difficult sets of battles to earn rewards and power up your characters. The pull here is that the battles are set around the various Final Fantasy games, telling their stories in glorious 2D pixel art. The battles use the familiar Active Time Battle system from the main series, with each character in your party able to fight, defend, or use one of their special attacks when their meter fills up. Enemy weaknesses and strengths match their counterparts in the original games, helping the game feel more authentic. It’s actually a lot of fun if you enjoy the popular Final Fantasy battle system.

Well, a full English worldwide release may be sooner than you think as last night the game popped up as soft launched on the Canadian Google Play Store. Hopefully they follow the typical soft launch release cycle here and just tweak it for a few weeks before letting the rest of us play it, as I’ve heard nothing but good things about Record Keeper.

It sucks that it’s not anywhere to be found on iOS yet, but if you’re a “Canadian" or an actual Canadian who owns an Android device, you can hop in right now.