Simogo Launches Story Podcast ‘The Lighthouse Painting’ Set in ‘The Sailor’s Dream’ Universe

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If you were a fan of The Sailor’s Dream ($3.99) and have wanted to explore a bit more from Simogo’s narrative adventure, you’ll want to check out The Lighthouse Painting. This is not a game, and not in the way that The Sailor’s Dream was not a ‘game’ by a functional definition, but not an interactive form of entertainment at all. It’s a story podcast whose first episode is available now, with three more episodes available on March 25th, April 1st, and April 8th.

This episode, clocking in under 8 minutes, introduces the lighthouse and the mystery that’s planned to unfold over the four episodes. The podcast is aimed to be family-friendly, so don’t expect any grisly murder mystery here, not that Simogo would do that, even Year Walk ($3.99) wasn’t quite like that. Simogo always does interesting stuff, and they’re one of the few indies actually doing rad narrative stuff that’s outside the bounds of what you normally see from games, so even as they’re branching out from doing games, keep an eye on this. You can listen to the podcast on the Simogo website or subscribe on iTunes.

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