Attention PC Gamers: ‘Oceanhorn’ Just Launched on Steam

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­­If you were a fan of Oceanhorn ($7.99) but have wanted to play it on PC, good news: the game just released today on Steam. You can pick up this Zelda-inspired action-RPG for $11.99, 20% off the regular price of $14.99 until March 24th. Considering the game is $8.99 regularly on mobile, this might just be an opportunity to appreciate how cheap mobile games are, that the exact same game can be sold at a smaller cost because that’s just what people on mobile expect. This version is currently for Windows only, so sorry Mac users. Thankfully the iOS version supports gamepads so you can get a similar experience, though this does support keyboard-and-mouse as well. Plus, there’s support for 4K resolutions.

I’m interested to see just how the desktop and Steam audience takes to the game, because Steam users are often quite hostile to mobile ports, and there is a difference in perception between the quality of an experience on mobile versus what a desktop game is. Compare something like Ravensword: Shadowlands ($6.99), which is a mighty impressive mobile game, but on desktop has to compare against Skyrim. At least a Zelda-inspired game with high production values, there’s a bit more of an opening to the hardened hearts of that audience.

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