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Indie Horizontal Shooter ‘Power-Up’ Coming to iOS April 9th

We’ve had both new shooter news and crazy virtual controls news today, so let’s go ahead and combine the two, shall we? Power-Up is a modern horizontal shooter that’s been available on Steam and as an Xbox Live Indie Game for some time now, and on April 9th it’ll be making its way to iOS. Power-Up drew inspiration from some of the classics of the genre, like Project X, Hellfire and R-Type, and those inspirations are pretty clear in the game’s trailer.

Seeing as I love those old-school shooters and still regularly play R-Type ($1.99) and R-Type II ($1.99) on my iPhone, I’m pretty stoked for Power-Up. It does appear to have quite the collection of virtual buttons on the screen, but I’m glad that–like the aforelinked Rex Rocket–they opted for the “fake control panel of buttons" so as not to have virtual buttons covering up the actual action on the screen. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on Power-Up when it launches on iOS April 9th at an introductory price of $2.99.