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‘Stormblades’ is Releasing Next Week, Check Out the New Trailer

Kiloo’s Stormblades is looking like an interesting mix between the directional arena combat of Infinity Blade ($5.99), crossed over with more of an endless runner game. The publishers of Subway Surfers (Free), releasing this game from Canadian studio Emerald City Games, are just about set to release it upon the world, with a confirmed release date of March 19th. They’ve also released a cinematic trailer, with some fancy CG to help set the mood for the game and get you excited:

But if seeing the actual gameplay is more your style, there’s a trailer with some gameplay footage too:

The game will release for free on March 19th, and it’ll be interesting to check out how it all works. The game has been beta tested by some of our readers in the forums, and a Kiloo representative has been posting updates, so stay tuned to the game’s forum thread for all the latest just before the final release next week.