‘Outwitters’ Arrives on Android and Version 2.0 Update Hits iOS

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Just as we told you it would a couple of weeks ago, One Man Left’s Outwitters (Free) has finally landed on Android and gained a massive overhaul in a version 2.0 update for iOS. Well, while it’s technically a “massive overhaul," you won’t likely notice much about the new iOS version just on the surface. One Man Left ended up rewriting the game from the ground up as part of the Android porting process, so the game runs like a dream now and features cross-platform play with Android folks. There’s also native iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screen support, in-game auto-refresh to create a more “real-time" feel to the asynchronous multiplayer, and many more nips and tucks to the nearly three year old game.

If you’ve never played Outwitters before, I strongly, strongly recommend downloading it for free and checking it out. It’s a highly strategic and deep game, with a near-perfect multiplayer focus. We absolutely loved it in our original review from 2012, and the game has only improved since then. I’m really hoping that introducing Outwitters to the massive Android user base will create an influx of new players online. This is a game that deserves to do well and become a happy pastime for mobile gamers for years to come, so give it a download and we’ll see you on the hex-grid.

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