Developer PSA: Get 10 GB of Royalty-Free Audio from Sonniss for Free

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Heads up for game developers out there: Sonniss has released a massive bundle of audio that’s available royalty-free to use in your game. The provider of sound effects libraries couldn’t make it to GDC this year, but they wanted to give something back to the gaming community, so they decided to release a collection of sound effects that comes in at over 10 GB, full of sound effects you can use without worrying about royalties. You can check out what is included here.

Sonniss Free Audio

Getting your hands on it is a bit tricky, as it’s proven to be so popular that Sonniss is incurring massive hosting costs to try and provide it. As pointed out here, Sonniss is sharing the library via BitTorrent, so you can download it from other folks and share it with others. Always good to see BitTorrent getting used for legal purposes! Sonniss is occasionally offering downloads on the site itself, but they’re limited to 100 per 24 hours, so don’t count on that method. The bundle is available until April 2nd, so get on it now. And you can also donate to Sonniss to help provide further hosting, and they’re running a sale on other audio libraries if you’re interested. Thanks to Frank Condello for the hands up.

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