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‘Caves n’ Chasms’ is an Intriguing-Looking Mining Game

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Chronicle Games has just released a trailer for their upcoming game Caves n’ Chasms, and it’s looking like a slick digging game that should hopefully be out this month. You’ll be drilling through block-filled chasms, encountering enemies and all sorts of baddies along the way, using your traps to help take them out and to dig further, drilling more and more along the way. Check out the game in action:

You can pick up a number of upgrades for your drill, traps, and tools to help make the digging and the enemy dispatching go much better. The game is level-based, not open-world. Expect this one to be a paid game and to possibly release this month. The devs are active in our forums, and they’re looking for testers, especially if you have an Android device laying around. Android is still easier for updating and sending out new builds than iOS, though the new Testflight is extremely handy for that. But if you have Android, you might just get to help out with this one.

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