‘Dungeon Hunter 5’ is Out Now Worldwide, Which Means App Store’s Working Again

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We have a double dose of good news. First off, the App Store looks like it’s back up – just after 3:00 PM central, the App Store status is back to fully operational, so you should be able to download and buy games and in-app purchases once more. Crisis averted! One of those games you can do that with is Dungeon Hunter 5 (Free), which appears to be out now worldwide, a few hours ahead of the normal 10:00 PM central US release time. Whether this got pushed early or released early due to the App Store being back and interest at its peak, who knows, but it’s out there and you can get it now. This is of course Gameloft’s latest in its series of hack ‘n slash games – I previewed it back at PAX South and you can take its new multiplayer mode our for a spin yourself.

Tonight may be a bit of a weird release night because of the App Store outage causing games to show up at weird times, along with developers releasing games early or late as they will. So keep an eye on the out now post tonight as well as our coverage tomorrow – there’s sure to be at least a few games that sneak out there. Be vigilant!

Update: Well, as comments have pointed out it seems to be real hit or miss regarding whether or not you can download this. Some people are grabbing it fine, others can’t get it at all. The App Store truly just is amazing sometimes!

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