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Miniclip’s ‘Beast Quest’ Soft Launched in Canada

Miniclip’s Beast Quest was announced earlier this year, as a sort of free-to-play take on Infinity Blade ($5.99) with open-world roaming, based off of a fantasy book series. Well, you can now check this one out for yourself, as the game has soft-launched in Canada. Now you can run around and fight giant monsters with a sword without paying “fight giant monsters with a sword" prices up front. The combat will feel familiar to Infinity Blade fans, but with more of a focus on button-mashing to attack enemies between dodging and shielding from attacks. Plus, there’s the ability to actually explore the world, with a run button and swiping to move the camera and run in that direction.

While the game is free-to-play, the good news is that the game works offline, and doesn’t appear to have any timers based on early reports. The in-app purchases seem pretty reasonable on the surface, too: you can pay $1.99 US each for a +50% coin boost, “coins protection" which saves coins after battle and restores your health after defeat, a loot drop increase, and a map reveal, with hard currency packs also available. Folks in our forums are playing the game if you get your hands on it and want to chat about it.