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‘SwapQuest’ Makes a Path to the App Store Next Week

Rebusmind’s new game SwapQuest is coming next Thursday, March 19th. They’re describing it as Pipe Dreams meets Final Fantasy. The idea is that you move around the world by swapping different ground tiles to move, attacking enemies you encounter, collecting treasure and whatnot along the way as well. Witht the gold and experience you earn, you can train, buy new items, and all sorts of RPG character leveling stuff. Check out the release trailer for the game:

It seems like an interesting mixture of genres, and shows that swapping in an RPG can be different than, say, Swap Heroes 2 ($1.99), which this game should not be confused with. This one releases for $2.99 next week with no IAP, and you can play as both male and female heroes with five different classes to play as throughout the game. We’ve been pretty excited to check this one out, and the folks at Rebusmind are participating in the forum thread for the game if you have any questions.