‘Radical’ Gets 1.1 Update with New Mode, Game on Track to Out-Earn ‘Mikey Shorts’

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First, the game-related news. Radical (Free), BeaverTap Games’ attempt at making an endless flyer in the quick-reaction genre, has its 1.1 update, adding a new mode and ad removal IAP. Radical mode is super-hard, giving you practically zero time to think about what’s happening. I can get over 100 in hard, I’m struggling to score 10 in this mode. It’s radically difficult! As well, for those who want to get their continues without watching video ads, then good news: you can now pay $1.99 to remove ads and get free continues. Still only one continue per game, though.

Additionally, BeaverTap revealed some details on how well the game’s doing, and if you like paid games with no IAP, well, sit down. This is gonna be a rough paragraph. Radical in two weeks made more money than Mikey Boots ($1.99) did in six months. And it’s on track to pass Mikey Shorts ($1.99) in revenue. So, they’re planning on making more free quick-reaction games in the future that they can turn around quickly.

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