Blizzard Announces Blackrock Mountain ‘Hearthstone’ Adventure Single Player Expansion

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Blizzard is on a roll with Hearthstone (Free) content lately, and this morning’s announcement further sets the scene with the release cycle they’re settling in to for the game. The first injection of cards came from the Curse of Naxxramas single player adventure, then the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion hit, now we’re alternating back to single player adventures with Blackrock Mountain coming to Hearthstone in April.

It sounds like this new Hearthstone adventure is going to play out very similarly to the way Curse of Naxxramas worked. Players will battle various AI opponents including but not limited to the fire lord himself, Ragnaros. Completing all of the challenges will reward 31 new Hearthstone cards. Additionally, just like Naxx, Blackrock Mountain is being sold in wings either for 700 in-game gold coins or $6.99 a pop. Alternatively, you can just buy the whole thing for $24.99.

Specific launch timing isn’t being discussed just yet aside from the wings unlocking week by week like Naxx, but preorders using real money will start on March 19th. Preorders will award players the Blackrock Mountain exclusive preorder card back, so that’s kind of neat. With PAX East happening this weekend, stay tuned for other Hearthstone tidbits which undoubtedly will be revealed in the various streams surrounding the event.

The first week will feature the Grim Guzzler, The Dark Iron Arena, and the Dark Iron Emperor.

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