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GDC 2015: ‘Zero Sum’ from ‘One Player Pong’ Developer is a Math Game for Stupid People

Squeezebox Software, aka solo developer Sean Kearney, aka the maker of One Player Pong (Free), has a new game coming out which he describes as “a math game for stupid people." I was lost within the first few levels, so I’m not sure what that says about my own intelligence level, but the game in question, Zero Sum, is actually really clever. If you’re not a fan of math then don’t be scared off, Zero Sum only deals with simple addition and subtraction. If anything, it actually has more in common with crosswords than anything else. Here’s an extremely early look at Zero Sum, complete with celebrity-laden placeholder art, which should give you a good idea of what the game is about.

I really love the concept of Zero Sum, the whole mixing equations into a crossword puzzle thing, it’s one of those things I’m surprised I haven’t seen before. I think even if you’re not a fan of math there’ll be a lot to enjoy here. And I don’t think it’ll be a requirement that you be stupid to play it, it certainly hasn’t helped me! Look for Zero Sum to lose its celebrity placeholder art and release in a finalized state sometime later this year.