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GDC 2015: ‘Crashlands’ is a Grand Adventure with a Hefty Dose of Humor

I know we’ve only been at GDC 2015 for one day so far, but I think I already have a favorite game of the show: Crashlands from Butterscotch Shenanigans. We first posted about the game in October of last year, but it’s actually been in development since late 2013. It’s a game about surviving, crafting, fighting wacky enemies and sometimes befriending them, exploring, fishing and general adventuring. It’s a massively ambitious game for a studio made up of just three brothers, and it’s the dream-game one of those brothers wanted to make as he faced an uncertain future during a battle with cancer. After more than a year of blood, sweat, tears and chemotherapy, Crashlands is finally hitting the home stretch, and it’s turning out to be something pretty special.

Crashlands was on track for a release this spring, but as you heard in the above video, Butterscotch Sam’s cancer has returned, and he’s already begun a new round of treatment. Life just isn’t fair sometimes. This means that, understandably, work that still needs to be done on the game may take longer than expected. The bright side is that Sam is confident he’ll be able to kick the crap out of cancer for a second time, and being able to work on the game is actually one of the things that helps him get through treatment the first time. While Crashlands may not make it in time for spring, I have a feeling it won’t end up taking too much longer. Please keep Sam in your thoughts and look forward to more good news on his fight against cancer as well as the development of Crashlands in the near future.