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GDC 2015: ‘Last Horizon’ from ‘Glorkian Warrior’ Developer PixelJam

We had a chance to sit down with PixelJam Games at GDC today and check out one of their upcoming games called Last Horizon. Technically, this isn’t a PixelJam-developed game, though they are publishing it. However, many of the same folks from PixelJam are working on Last Horizon, some even shuffling around their typical jobs between coding, creating art and music. It’s looking fantastic so far, and it’s definitely a crap-load of fun. Crap-load is a technical term, you see. Check out our hands-on video.

PixelJam is hoping to finish up the coding portions of Last Horizon by the end of March, and then put it through the testing and Apple submission phase shortly after. So best case scenario we’ll see Last Horizon launching simultaneously on desktop and iOS sometime in April, or at some point shortly thereafter.