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‘Mutant Football League’ Trying to Make Hyper-Violent Football Happen Once More

Remember Mutant League Football, the violent football game published by EA, using the fantasy setting to boast action that’s only slightly more over-the-top than what real football has? I mean, people aren’t exploding into bits in the NFL, but knees aren’t safe, and the brain trauma is immense. Well, Mutant Football League (the last two words are swapped, that’s the difference) is going to pay homage to that series, headed by original designer Michael Mendheim. Check out a pre-alpha trailer of one of the versions of the game below. The game is set for PC, consoles, and mobile as well.

Now, this is the second time that Mutant Fooball League has tried to get off the ground. There was a failed Kickstarter a couple years ago, and a mobile version based off of the Football Heroes (Free) engine was going to be created for iOS and Android. There’s nothing to suggest that is or is not the case here – and Football Heroes has a darn good core football game that would work perfectly for something as over-the-top as Mutant Football League would be. We’ll hopefully get to see more of just what exactly this is soon enough.