Nitrome’s Pixelly Puzzle-Platformer ‘Gunbrick’ Goes on Sale for First Time

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Nitrome’s rad take on the puzzle platformer, Gunbrick ($5.99), has just gone on sale for the first time. You control a bird-type fellow who has bought a gunbrick, which is a giant brick with a gun on one of its sides, and you must try to make it from beginning to end, mastering the rules of movement with the brick to make it through the three dozen levels. And of course, the game has that Nitrome pixel art style going for it at some of its most detailed.

You can check out our review for the game – despite the angry commenters, I did like the game, the game is a bit short but while it’s not a huge issue at $2.99, at $0.99 it’s even better! If you were interested but were waiting for a cheaper price, the game’s clever enough that you should run and pick it up right now. Or, go to the App Store and download it, there’s no need to actually run.

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    In a future where cars are obsolete, the Gunbrick has become a worldwide sensation! The Gunbrick - A gun one side... a …
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