‘Order and Chaos Online’ Keeps on Ticking as 23rd Content Update Releases

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The other day, we talked about Doctor Who: Legacy (Free) which has been steadily getting updated ever since its release. Another game which keeps on chugging along is Order & Chaos Online (Free) from Gameloft. The MMORPG got Twitch streaming last year, but it’s still getting content ever since its release over three years ago. The latest content drop for the game, update 23, has a new dungeon: “Rising Flare: Burn Out the Night" – because all great dungeons have names with sub-titles.

Along with the new dungeon, there’s a new boss enemy, Annemone, who can award you a fragment Khalin’s Hammer. A wheel of fortune can get you special prizes with a free spin each day. New limited edition mounts are available where you can ride a sheep or a lion. More events are on the way for Easter and the Cherry Blossom Festival in the coming months, so expect more things to collect and earn down the road. And with this being update number 23, there’s no reason to not expect more coming down the road.

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