‘Space Miner: Platinum Edition’ Update Arrives for iPhone Version, iPad Version Hits Approval Snag

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This morning we were excited to tell you that the “Platinum Edition" update for one of our most beloved iOS games Space Miner (Free) was awaiting approval from Apple and could be arriving at any time. I’d hoped that while writing that story last night I’d wake up and see the update waiting for me, like a 10-months-too-early Christmas present. Well, that almost happened, as just a few minutes ago the update popped up in the App Store. Well… sort of. Let me explain.

Originally Space Miner came in two separate versions, one for iPhone and one for iPad. Developer Venan Entertainment’s plan was to update both versions with the new content and Universal support, and then eventually take the previous iPad-only version down from sale, since it would be redundant. That way owners of either version of Space Miner would get the same free update without having to repurchase anything. The iPhone version would continue to live on under the name Space Miner: Platinum Edition, while the iPad version would be renamed Space Miner: Space Ore Bust – iPad to avoid confusion in the interim.

Apparently this renaming has created a bit of a snag with Apple’s approval. The update for the iPhone version was approved without issue, but the new name of the iPad version caused its update to be rejected. Venan is on top of it and will be pushing to get the update out for the iPad version as soon as possible, but if you only own that version you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Or you could just buy the iPhone version if you’re impatient like me, I mean it’s only four bucks and it is an incredible game. If you’re like a lot of people and own both versions, just grab the iPhone version update and forget the iPad-only one ever existed.

Whatever route you take, this update is sure to be a winner. It adds a whole new sector of levels as well as a bunch of new story bits. Venan also overhauled the in-game ship models and other visuals, and the game now displays nicely on all the various iOS screens. I know it’s Ash Wednesday and all, but I’m officially dubbing today Space Miner: Platinum Edition day, so get out there and check out the new update and drop by the forums for some discussion.

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