Five Alarm Freebie Alert: ‘Duet’ Goes Free Once Again

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Duet ($2.99) from Kumobius has just gone free on the App Store once more. The game went free a couple weeks ago, but if you missed that then congratulations – you can pick it up for free once more. Since the game’s last freebie, it got an update with its first paid DLC, the Encore Chapters, which add new levels with new narration and music to go along with them, all for $0.99. It’s possible that this is a free-to-play shift, but we’ve reached out to Kumobius to see if there’s any reason behind the sale. With this happening on a Wednesday, it could presage an Apple free app of the week promotion as well.

While I pointed out why you should pick this one up the last time it went free, all those reasons are still valid. This is a fun and challenging game, one that fits into the category of “challenging arcade-style games" that have become popularized recently, with similarities to other games but a final product that’s all its own. Plus, the game has been one of the most consistently-updated games since its 2013 release.

Update: A developer at Kumobius confirmed the game is not shifting to free-to-play, but could not elaborate on the reason for the sale.

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