‘Checkpoint Champion’ Ice Lake Update Available Now

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Last month, Protostar Games promised an update for their debut title Checkpoint Champion (Free), a game which I gave a five-star review to back at launch. Today, the game has gotten this promised update, adding a bunch of new content to the game. There’s the new ice level, which is the third in the game, bringing with it a total of 24 new challenges in that arena. As well, once you pick up 90 stars in the game, you can play the level in the arena mode.

Along with the new level comes a new car: the Brittania Micro. This car is slow with a slower turning speed than other vehicles, but it comes with the fastest turbo boost of the 4 cars. The cars statistics have been changed to better show off the differences between each car. High-resolution devices should have better graphics quality, and download size has been reduced in an act of witchery. Burn Protostar at the stake!

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