TA Plays: ‘MMX Racing’ – A Cool One-Button Free to Play Racer

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I feel like ever since CSR Racing (Free) hit it big, all sorts of developers have tried to come up with the next cool thing in the one-button free to play racing game world. Typically, these sorts of games have you hitting the screen to shift, but MMX Racing (Free) mixes things up and instead has you controlling how your truck handles jumps. It doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a big difference. We spend a lot of the video explaining why:

MMX Racing is very much a free to play game, but these types of games are so popular because they’re pretty cool and really don’t require a whole lot of concentration. MMX Racing and others have super-short session times, so if you’re standing in line and have a few seconds you can blast out a couple races, upgrade your truck a little bit, and get on with your life.

Obviously if you’re looking for a full racing experience, this game doesn’t have that, but slowly upgrading your meager Wizard Burrito pickup truck into a really rad monster truck is pretty cool.

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