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‘Crossy Road’ Meets Skateboarding in the Upcoming ‘Skatelander’

One of the big things about Crossy Road (Free) was that it only really took a few months to make, and then the game became huge. As such, it’s about time that we start seeing games that really take after it thanks to its massive success. And it looks like Skatelander is one of the first games to attempt the formula. This is a voxel-art skateboarding game, where you control a constantly-skating fellow, who must dodge all sorts of hazards in order to skate as far as possible. This is because skateboarding is not a crime, and with all the money laying around in the world of Skatelander, it pays, too.

There will be a number of characters to unlock, as should be par for any Crossy-style game, really. The game’s still in development and has some visual work to go, as evidenced by the trailer above, but this looks like it could be some fun. The developers are active in our forums if you want to stay updated on the game.