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‘Flop Rocket’ from ‘Quadropus Rampage’ Developers Launches into Space on February 26th

It’s important to dream, even if your dreams are ridiculous and impractical. In Flop Rocket, the next game from Butterscotch Shenanigans, you’re going to help scientists with their dream of making it to space. With a launch pad in the middle of a cave. Caves are suboptimal launching pads for those wishing to reach space. Also, the budget for getting to space is rather low – the coins you collect as you fly forward go toward future upgrades. While it looks a lot like, say, Jetpack Joyride (Free), there are key differences: you have limited fuel and thrust-and-turn controls to contend with, and the game has an end. You can get to space, aspiring cosmonaut.

The game releases next Monday, February 23rd. This is one of the first games to integrate Butterscotch Shenanigans’ BscotchID system, which will allow for cross-device saving, cross-game functionality, and more. Flop Rocket will be free-to-play, but if you buy a $2.99 “Butter Up" then you can get a coin doubler, disabled ads, and 8 of the 12 upgrade paths unlocked. While many of their games are already updated for BscotchID on Android, as that’s their main platform (and it’s easier to update games on there), they’re working on bringing their iOS output up to speed with the Android versions, as well as working on their game Crashlands. Towelfight 2, Roid Rampage, and Quadropus Rampage (Free) will all be updated with new features and BscotchID integration on the 23rd as well, with the first 2 of those games returning to the App Store.

Update: The developers have informed us that the release date is actually next week on Thursday, the 26th.