‘Space Marshals’ Gets Much-Requested MFi Controller Support

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One of the unfortunately-missing features from Space Marshals ($0.99) was MFi gamepad support. This was quite unfortunate because Pixelbite has released games with controller support in the past, but alas, not this. Well, Pixelbite has just remedied the issue, adding MFi support to Space Marshals. The game works pretty well with touch controls as it is, but there’s nothing quite like aiming with actual joysticks. As well, being able to switch weapons while aiming comes in handy during combat, if you need to switch from a rifle to an SMG, for example.

This is fantastic news ahead of the upcoming update with the second chapter of the game, and makes the controller update have a bit more utility than other games, because even though it’s post-launch, there’s a lot of game left to play. So even if you beat the first episode with touch controls, you can enjoy the rest of the game with physical controls. I’m looking forward to doing so, myself.

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