Best iPhone and iPad Games of the Week: 2/6/15 – ‘Lamp and Vamp’ and ‘Sneaky Sneaky’

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The two stand out game reviews this week are one new game and one old(er) game. We’re kind of going through our backlog of stuff we might’ve missed during the insanity that was the end of 2014 and the holiday rush… So keep an eye out for more stuff we might not have reviewed back them intermingled with our normal coverage. Here’s the top rated games we reviewed this week:

Lamp And Vamp, $1.99 [Review] – It was just over a year ago that I reviewed Douglas Cowley’s excellent strategy game Hoplite ($3.99). I found it to be a superb game, as many did, with tremendous depth and not an ounce of fat on its bones. It’s one of the most efficiently-designed mobile games I’ve ever played. I can’t say for sure if Mucho Party (Free) developer GlobZ was inspired by Hoplite when they made their latest game, Lamp And Vamp, but it sure feels like they were. Not in a bad way, mind you. Lamp And Vamp certainly feels familiar, but it’s different enough that it doesn’t feel superfluous. Like Hoplite, you’re trying to make your way across a single board, divided into hexagons, to an exit. In this case, it’s a coffin. All you need to do is survive the gauntlet of enemies that lay in the path. It’s harder than you might think.

Sneaky Sneaky, $2.99 [Review] – Stealth is one genre that still isn’t oversaturated, at least in my own mind. While there have been plenty of stealth games as far back as the NES era, pretty much every title adds in their own signature spin to the formula. Sneaky Sneaky is no different, featuring a tiny little rogue with an adorable pet rat.

Additionally, we reviewed a few other games this week. As always, you can dig into all of our reviews by clicking here. Alternatively, you can hit up specific scores by using these links:

  • Lamp And Vamp

    Lamp and Vamp is a roguelike game where you play as a Vampire seeking the castle of his dreams. Your Vampire is alone …
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  • Sneaky Sneaky

    Sneak through the shadows, dash to cover, pick your moment and strike! Unleash your inner thief in this strategic steal…
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