‘Monster Dash’ Meets ‘Ghostbusters’ in Latest Update

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Monster Dash (Free) from Halfbrick rose from its grave last October, getting its first update in years, as Six Foot Kid, creators of the Halfbrick-published Band Stars (Free), took over development of the game. The game has just gotten a big Ghostbusters-themed update, much like Fruit Ninja did last fall, as the original movie celebrates its 30th anniversary. Peter Venkman is now available as a playable character, so if you’re sad that girls with their cooties are sullying your precious long-dormant Ghostbusters franchise, then I have some good news for you!

While Venkman is available as an in-app purchase, you can play as him and check out some of the other Ghostbusters content in the special Daily Challenges on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Yeah, unfortunately you’ll have to wait a couple days to check this out, set a calendar alert. But on those days, the “Who You Gonna Call?" challenge will feature a New York City rooftop level, Proton Pack weapon, and Venkman as a free playable character. You can nab the update from the App Store right now.

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