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First ‘NightCry’ Gameplay Trailer Released

The cult mid-90s horror game Clock Tower is getting a spiritual sequel, formerly called Project Scissors but now known as NightCry. The game is being developed by Nude Maker, which is comprised of former Human Entertainment employees who worked on the original Clock Tower. Just about a month ago, Nude Maker released a live-action teaser for NightCry, and this week they’ve put out the first gameplay trailer showing what an early version of the game is like in action. Set on a cruise ship, the protagonist must escape the creepy Scissorwalker–a direct nod to the Scissorman in the original Clock Tower–by running, hiding, and using ingenuity in order to not get caught and scissored to bits.

NightCry was originally planned as a mobile game only, but recently Nude Maker developed aspirations to bring the title to the larger screen of the PC. In order to do that they’re trying their hand at Kickstarter. No matter which way the crowdfunding campaign goes, NightCry should still be coming to iOS, Android and Playstation Vita. Unfortunately no release date has been set, but NightCry looks nice and scary so we’ll be keeping an eye out for more details as they come.