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A Toast! Bossa Studios Confirms ‘I Am Bread’ is Coming to iOS

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I’m not super religious or anything, but every once in a while I need to call upon a higher power to make my dreams become a reality. When Surgeon Simulator developer Bossa Studios announced their new game I Am Bread back in October of last year, I had a simple request for the Big Man/Woman upstairs: Please Lord let it come to mobile. Ask and ye shall receive, they say. Today in Bossa’s weekly I Am Bread video series, aptly titled the Bread Diaries, the studio officially announced that I Am Bread will be heading to iOS. In case you missed the official trailer the first time around, go ahead and bask in its toasty goodness.

As you can see, I Am Bread is by far the most robust and realistic sentient bread simulator available on the market today. It’s been available on Steam Early Access since early December, and the plan, as explained in the Bread Diaries video linked above, is to wrap up what Bossa considers the “finished" version of the game sometime in the next couple of months to release on Steam and then immediately start working on the iOS port. That means it likely won’t be anytime soon that we’ll be living the life of a slice of bread on our iOS devices, but just knowing that it’s coming makes me feel all warm and toasty inside.


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