‘Star Wars: Galactic Defense’ Launches ‘Attack on Echo Base’ Live Event

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Star Wars: Galactic Defense (Free), DeNA’s take on tower defense in the venerable sci-fi franchise, has its first live event happening, starting today. “Attack on Echo Base" has players attacking Echo Base on Hoth, lining up their forces from enemy attackers at various points. A challenge mode has been launched with the event, where you’ll compete for high scores against friends with rewards of experience boosts, in-game currency, and other rewards. A bonus wave can be earned to get more points and currency.

To go along with the event, the Recruitment Pod also has some special characters available only for the event’s duration with rare hero characters that can be earned. The event is only available until February 2nd, on Monday, so get in on this while you can. This event was teased in the 1.2 update patch notes, so keep an eye on those in the future – they may hint at future events coming your way as well.

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