‘Don’t Shoot Yourself’ from Ayopa Games Goes Free-to-Play, Adds New Difficulties

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I made mention of the 2013 Ayopa Games title Don’t Shoot Yourself (Free) the other day, as it was the first game that came to mind when I saw Medicore’s upcoming car racer. I figured it was one of those games lost to history, but it seems that was not the case, as Ayopa has decided to update the game and make it free-to-play. The game has changed its progression: where before, star ratings were awarded based on how many bullets had gone unfired, with the count increasing when you didn’t move, now the game has you try to complete a level at a certain difficulty to earn a certain number of stars, with progression gated off until you earn that many stars.

There’s also a currency called Hyperbits now, which can be used to continue from where you die, with any in-app purchase of Hyperbits removing the ads which have been added. If you bought the game previously, then the ads should be disabled, I haven’t seen them since I downloaded the update. While free-to-play shifts like this are often controversial, this update might get this underappreciated and stylish gem into more hands, so check it out.

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