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‘Stratego Single Player’ Will Deliver Board Game Action for Hermits

Everyone likes board games, but they come with the problem of having to play with other people. Eww, no. Youdagames is here to help hermits like me with the upcoming Stratego Single Player. It’s pretty much going to deliver what it says on the tin: the Stratego board game, but optimized for solo play on mobile. There will be a campaign mode where you can take on a series of opponents, featuring AI designed in collaboration with a Stratego World Champion. There are also the option for quick battles, in case you just want to get a game in without taking too much time.

There’s custom game options, different unit artworkds, and custom game options to help you play the way you want to play. There’s already an official Stratego (Free) version with multiplayer support, so this is meant more for the player who wants to just jump in for themselves, or to even get some practice in against an AI opponent – hopefully that AI designed with the Stratego World Champion will prove to put up a good fight through the different modes. Release is supposed to be sometime this week, though likely not in time for tonight’s new games roundup, but we’ll let you know once it’s available.