‘Out There: Omega Edition’ Public Beta Begins Today, New Trailer Released

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It was just about a year ago that Mi-Clos Studio launched their haunting deep-space survival game Out There ($4.99) to critical praise, including our own 5 star review and Game of the Week nod. In July of last year the studio announced that Out There would be getting a huge revamp dubbed the “Omega Edition" and along with that it would be expanding to PC, Mac and Linux. Just last month, Mi-Clos revealed the first images of Omega Edition and detailed some of the changes and new features that it would include. Today the beta version of Out There: Omega Edition has launched and Mi-Clos has released the first trailer showing off some of the new features in the game, including the slick new graphical engine.

The new visuals add a ton of life to the game without diluting that awesome sci-fi graphic novel feel that Out There does so well. If you’re interested in getting in on this new beta version, you’ll need to pre-order the desktop version over at the game’s official website or at the Humble Store. That will grant you instant access to the beta on PC, Mac or Linux, and as a bonus they’ll throw in a free copy of the original game on Android. Neat! iOS folks will just have to hang tight for the time being, but rest assured that once Out There: Omega Edition is complete it’ll be released as a free update to the existing game in the App Store.

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