‘Out There: Omega Edition’ Coming as Free Update to Mi-Clos’ Space Survival Roguelike-Gamebook Hybrid

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Mi-Clos’ Out There ($3.99) is an atmospheric game that blends genres including roguelike, gamebook, and resource manager, as you explore the universe, trying to manage your fuel and supplies while discovering new aliens and staying alive. It’s a really fascinating experience, and it’s getting expanded and enhanced soon into Out There: Omega Edition, as announced by Mi-Clos on our forums. This improved version is coming to mobile soon in a free update.

Out There Omega Edition

The game’s visuals have been given a coat of paint, with a new graphics engine helping to provide for better-looking planets, ships, and more. Over 50 new text adventures have been added, with new alien races, ships, and even a brand new ending to explore. The soundtrack is getting new compositions as well. The update is still in the works, but if you’ve already bought the game, it’ll be updated to the Omega Edition for no charge once released. The game is also making its way for the first time to desktop (including Mac) if you’ve wanted to play the game there. No release date quite yet, unfortunately – I’m looking forward to diving back in to this one.

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