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PAX South: ‘Force of Elements’, an Online Multiplayer Match-3 Puzzler

One of the first games I saw on the PAX South floor was Force of Elements, a game that can be best described as Puzzle Quest 2 ($2.99) with a heavy focus on the online multiplayer component of the game. The game has two different real-time online modes, one where you have a few seconds to make as many moves as possible, and another where you get a limited number of turns. Each character has four different special abilities that charge up based on certain gem colors, with different effects like locking up the board or doing damage to the opponent. There will also be a singleplayer adventure mode, and the different characters can have their stats and skills upgraded.

The game will be free-to-play, with a closed beta hitting in March. The game is planned to be very cross-platform with iOS, Android, and PC versions planned, and release different after that. The game is meant to be something that casual match-3 players can enjoy, but also with a core player appeal, and the artwork is definitely one of dark fantasy style. There are lots of match-3 games, and this is definitely one of them, but the online multiplayer should prove to be fun.