‘Orbitum’ and ‘Fist of Fury’ Creators Happymagenta Release New Game ‘Hammy Go Round’

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Happymagenta has become one of my favorite studios producing smaller flaplike games: I dug Orbitum (Free), and Fist of Fury (Free) is a really fun fast-action game. Their latest title is Hammy Go Round (Free), and it’s an endless runner that does some interesting things with its structure. You control a hamster spinning around an world turning clockwise, and have to collect acorns to go as far as possible. The game is ruled by a clock, and you can’t really die, though you can run out of time. You can extend the timer by buying upgrades, which get you more acorns and then can buy powerup upgrades, and eventually unlock the game’s other character, who exists in a counter-clockwise world.

The game not being about punishment upon death is a nice mix-up from other endless runners and flaplikes: it slows you down and is definitely a bad thing, but it makes the game a bit forgiving as well. It’s an interesting little runner worth checking out, like all of Happymagenta’s games, especially if you’re fond of small arcade games like I am.

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    "An endless runner that does some interesting things with its structure" - Touch Arcade "Hammy Go Round invents the ham…
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