‘Super Glyph Quest’ is Getting Cameos from ‘Monument Valley’ Characters

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If you were a Monument Valley ($3.99) fan who fell in love with Ida and especially the Totem (though a couple million of you drowned your poor Totem friend), then I have good news: Super Glyph Quest ($3.99) is getting an update this Thursday that adds the Monument Valley stars to the puzzle game. They’re appearing as cameo characters in the match-3 puzzler, appearing in some of the quests that show up in the game. The characters show up in this new trailer, and you can catch a a glimpse of them in the Glyph Quest art style:

The game itself is a pretty interesting take on the match-3 RPG, our review by Shaun Musgrave goes in detail about it. Perhaps other indie game characters will show up in the game down the road: I personally love when games reference others like this and have cameos like this, so I’m looking forward to hunting down the Monument Valley characters. And I won’t drown you, poor Totem. You’ve suffered enough already!

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