‘WWE Immortals’ Out Now Worldwide on Android

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WWE Immortals (Free) snuck out yesterday afternoon worldwide suddenly, but only for iOS. Android users had to wait a bit longer to get their hands on the game, but wait no longer: WWE Immortals has just launched on Android worldwide. This is, as mentioned in our launch announcement and hands-on yesterday, essentially a WWE take on Injustice (Free), featuring simplified fighting game combat, 3-on-3 battles, and plenty of collectable characters, except this time, they’re all WWE stars presented in stylized versions, like a golem version of The Rock.

The game has some minor tweaks to the structure compared to Injustice, but it’s overwhelmingly similar. Our Shaun Musgrave, a veteran of Injustice, wrote up a guide on how to play the game without spending money and discussing how to do well in the game. Blocking is very important with the combat being based around grappling. Defnitely check that out. If you never played Injustice and prefer wrestlers to superheroes, check this out regardless of the platform, it’s one of the better ways to do not just a mobile-friendly fighting game, but also a fair free-to-play game.

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