Something Is Funky with the App Store, ‘Wizard Golf’ Release Delayed [Out Now]

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As many commenters were quick to point out last night in our out now roundup, the soft launched Wizard Golf which is generating some buzz on our forums is nowhere to be found. Well, the reason for that seems to be yet another App Store SNAFU. As you likely well know by now, Apple stuff “just works," and when it doesn’t “just work," well, things get weird. They’ve got a ticket in with Apple’s support team, but it’s anyone’s guess when there will be any kind of response.

Oh, and in case you’ve got no idea what Wizard Golf is, here’s a video from one of our forum members-

Wizard Golf doesn’t seem to be alone in the App Store weirdness department today, Evernote has a new app coming out which seems to be stuck in similar supposed to be released but obviously not available limbo. Perhaps this is a more widespread problem than one might think? Either way, as soon as whatever is clogging the App Store release pipe gets flushed out, we’ll post and let you know you can download Wizard Golf.

Update: Looks like it’s available now.

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