‘Frozen Synapse’ for iPhone Hits the App Store

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In May of 2013, developer Mode 7 released Frozen Synapse (Free) for the iPad, a tactical strategy game that had received critical praise when it released on PC and Mac the year before. Unsurprisingly, the game translated incredibly well to the iPad. However, ever since its iPad release fans had been clamoring for Frozen Synapse on the iPhone. Being that the interface of the game was already quite busy even on the larger iPad screen, an iPhone version would be a challenge, but in April of last year Mode 7 promised just that. It took quite a while, but Frozen Synapse iPhone ($0.99) is finally now available.

In order to get Frozen Synapse comfortably playable on the smaller iPhone screen, the interface needed some major tweaking. It looks like Mode 7 might have pulled it off with flying colors, and as an added bonus to that the game can be played in either landscape or portrait, which is a nice touch. It also cross-platform multiplayer with the iPad and desktop versions of the game, which is demonstrated in the following video as one of the developers plays a game against his cat.

Anyway, if you have been eyeing Frozen Synapse for a while but always wanted it on your phone, now is your chance. If you already own it for iPad or desktop and simply want it on your phone as well, then now is your chance too although it is a separate app so you’ll need to splurge for the new iPhone version. One bright side to that though is that if you’ve bought the “Red" expansion pack on other platforms you can log into the iPhone version using your Frozen Synapse account and that content will be available to you there. If you dig highly tactical strategy games, you really need to check out Frozen Synapse no matter what platform it’s on.

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