There’s a Game That Tips You in Bitcoin Now Because “This Is Good For Bitcoin” or Something

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If you don’t dabble in r/bitcoin or r/buttcoin on Reddit, you’re missing out on cryptocurrency fanatics really trying to make Bitcoin happen. Following Bitcoin news has a bit of a learning curve, particularly as you need to not only wrap your head around the technology itself, but the psychological phenomenon of legions of people waiting to get rich off their investments (i.e. “To the moon!"). Following the daily drama of Bitcoin has become my personal TMZ.

Anyway, the latest attempt to make Bitcoin happen, or appeal to the masses on any level, is a new iOS game called SaruTobi (Free). By playing the game and linking your Bitcoin address, the game will send you Bitcoins. Saying “Bitcoins" is a bit generous, admittedly, as folks on Reddit are getting sent 100 bits for playing, or, the real-world equivalent of about $0.03 at current exchange rates. The bits being given out are apparently being donated to the Bitcoin address of 1DUuk9AvMzBbsdazNTQsyVCy1xX2GdnSK4.


As far as why they’re giving Bitcoins away, well, I guess because they can? Who knows, if you think the world of iOS is crazy, it’s nothing compared to the emotional roller coaster of Bitcoin. So, I guess, enjoy your free three cents, while we wait for the real motivation behind this game to be revealed. If I had to put my finger on one thing I absolutely love about Bitcoin, it’s the prestige.

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