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‘Dungerous’ from the Creator of ‘Micro Miners’ Promises Puzzles, Dungeons, and Puns

We live in wonderful times. There are now so many games involving dungeons that developers feel the need to make puns on the word ‘dungeon’ in the titles of their games in order to stand out. There’s Enter the Gungeon in the PC/console realm, but what about mobile? Don’t we deserve a dungeon pun game of our own? Well, JP Sarda, creator of Micro Miners ($1.99), is throwing his hat into the dungeon with his upcoming Dungerous. Dungeorful! Check out a brief video of the game below that shows off some of the core gameplay and the feedback effects:

This is a puzzle-RPG, but it promises to be a match-2 instead of a match-3. Hey, that’s different! There will be team-building elements, and plenty of spiffy effects whenever you make matches. Those effects look like they could make playing the game incredibly satisfying. And hey, there may be plenty of puzzle-RPGs, but who isn’t down for another one? The game is still in development, but will be going into testing soon. If you’re interested in testing, hop into the forum thread for the game for more details, or just to chat with the developers.