‘Terraria’ Gets First Price Drop on Mobile, and it’s $0.99!

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Terraria ($4.99) is one of those gsmes that on iOS has stuck around for a while on the top charts, always there, and always $4.99. Well, if you’ve been meaning to check this one out, I have good news, as Terraria has its first price drop, just in time for the holiday season iTunes freeze, and it’s a big drop, down to $0.99. The game is no stranger to price drops on PC, where it regularly gets big cuts during Steam sales and the like, but this is a massive drop for its first iOS sale.


If you haven’t played this yet, this is a 2D open-world sandbox crafting game, with some Metroidvania elements, as you explore generated worlds, mine for materials, and craft armor and weapons, along with building things. Oh, and there are boss fights too. The game just got a huge version 1.2 update adding in a ton of new items, enemies, NPCs, and more. For $0.99, this is a ton of value, and not much risk if you have yet to jump in to this popular 2D open world adventure.

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