‘FTL: Faster Than Light’ for iPad is Cheaper Than Ever

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FTL: Faster Than Light ($9.99) is one of those games that’s well worth it at $9.99, as it’s quite a challenging and substantive game that is highly replayable. It’s also a game, that while it does go on sale occasionally, it’s not that often, so each sale feels like kind of an event. So here we are, telling you that FTL is currently $4.99, half-off its regular price. This is the game’s lowest price yet on iOS, where it dropped to $6.99 earlier this year. So if you missed that, then you lost out on months of playing FTL, but saved 2 bucks, I guess? And hey, you probably entertained yourself in the interim. Better late than never!

This is one of the best roguelike-inspired spaceship simulators out there, where you have to manage your resources, attack enemy ships, and just stay alive as long as possible. Eli Hodapp in his review called “FTL for the iPad is the definitive version of the game. The touch controls are great, and arguably feel more intuitive than playing the original release with a mouse and keyboard. Things that make sense to tap to select (like selecting crew members or directing them around) you control via tapping, and everything else is done via clever swiping gestures. It’s all really, really well done." So yeah, if you haven’t played it, time to jump on this!

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