Tower Defense Classics ‘geoDefense’ and ‘geoDefense Swarm’ Getting Updated with Fixes and New Levels

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With new iOS releases regularly breaking older games, it’s always great to see when some classics get fixed, like the news of the possible Helsing’s Fire ($0.99) fixes. The next game up to get working again on modern devices? geoDefense ($1.99) from Critical Thought Games. iOS 8 caused this seminal tower defense game to not work properly on modern devices, so they’ve gone in and fixed the game, added compatibility with modern device resolutions, and introduced Game Center support. The update has been submitted to Apple, so with the upcoming holiday freeze at iTunes where app aprovals cease for about a week, this may not get to happen until 2015. Here’s another classic Touch Arcade off-screen iPhone video from 2009 showing off the game:

Fans of geoDefense Swarm ($1.99) will be happy to know that it’s next up on the list to get updated. Oh, and there’s new level packs in the works for both games! Considering that these games are important parts of the App Store’s early canon, and part of the reason that tower defense games are so popular still, it’s exciting to see both of these games get updated for people who still enjoy them, and for those interested in checking them out to do so. Also, because it’s somewhat related, geoSpark ($1.99), the collaboration between Critical Thought and Imangi before Temple Run (Free) went huge, does work on iOS 8 and it’s still a pretty cool game. It just needs Game Center support…

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