The Binary Mill’s ‘Mini Motor Racing WRT’ is Now Available

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It’s a bit late to the party, missing the huge list of new game releases from last night, but The Binary Mill’s latest project Mini Motor Racing WRT (Free) is now finally available in the App Store. As we talked about when it was announced earlier this month, Mini Motor Racing WRT is a spinoff of sorts of their fantastic 2011 racer Mini Motor Racing. The big change is a focus on competing in the World Racing Tournament, or WRT, by piecing together a star racing team and fleet of vehicles that will lead you to the championship. There’s also expanded multiplayer options as you can start up an online Race Club with friends and work together to beat rival Race Clubs.

Mini Motor Racing WRT also features a few licensed cars for the first time in the series’ history. This includes cars from both Nissan and KIA, as well as from Choro-Q, the brand that makes those stubby little penny racing toy cars that the vehicles in Mini Motor Racing are homages to. Pretty cool to be able to play as the real versions. Another big change in this new Mini Motor Racing is that it’s a free to play game. So far, players in our forums haven’t run into any major game-stopping problems due to the IAP, so it’ll be interesting to see how it shakes out in the long haul. One thing to note that will definitely be a dealbreaker for some: The game requires an online connection. Oh, and at the moment it’s only available for iPhone, but I’d expect an iPad version sooner or later.

At any rate, if you enjoyed the first, then there’s no harm in grabbing Mini Motor Racing WRT for free and taking it for a test drive.

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