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‘Atomic Pinball Collection’ Coming Soon from ‘Revenge of the Rob-O-Bot’ Developer Color Monkey

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Pinball is one of those genres that’s perfectly suited to touchscreen devices, and there’s no shortage of great pinball games on the App Store. While games like Zen Pinball (Free) and Pinball Arcade ($0.99) are among the most popular due to their use of licensed IP and real-world table creations, one pinball game that’s flown under the radar for the past couple of years is Color Monkey’s Revenge of the Rob-O-Bot ($2.99). Fans in our forums love Rob-O-Bot, and we included it in our best pinball games of 2012 list, but since its release in late 2012 we’ve all been kind of waiting to see what’s next from Color Monkey in the realm of pinball. A reader pointed us in the direction of Pinball Arcade Fans forums for the answer, and it turns out it’s a brand new game called Atomic Pinball Collection.

Atomic Pinball Collection has actually been in the works since at least February of this year, but since the Rob-O-Bot pinball isn’t exactly a huge money-maker for Color Monkey, work on the new game has been slow as the developer had to focus on other projects that were keeping the lights on. Slowly but surely, though, work did continue and Color Monkey just last week finally submitted Atomic Pinball Collection to the App Store for approval.

So what is Atomic Pinball Collection? Well as you might have guessed it will be a collection of pinball tables in one app, as opposed to Revenge of the Rob-O-Bot which was just a single table. However, it will actually include a revamped version of the Rob-O-Bot table in addition to a second, brand new table called Masks of Glory. The new table has a Mexican wrestling theme complete with a tequila bar and a stable of burly opponents to face. Here’s a screen from Masks of Glory along with a screen of the revamped Rob-O-Bot table.

masks-01-small robobot-02-small

Now here’s where things get tricky. The Atomic Pinball Collection app is being published under the Color Monkey name directly, unlike the current Revenge of the Rob-O-Bot app which is published under the label Nena Innovation. This means the current Rob-O-Bot will eventually disappear from the App Store, and to get the new version of the table players will need to buy it again from the Atomic Pinball Collection app. I’m guessing most Rob-O-Bot fans won’t have a problem with this, as they’re pretty vocal about wanting to throw more money at Color Monkey so they can keep creating more tables, but it’s something to be aware of.

Another change in Atomic Pinball Collection compared to Rob-O-Bot is the pay model. Atomic Pinball Collection will be free to download and both tables will be playable up to a certain score. Once you hit that score threshold you’ll need to actually buy the full table to continue on. It’s a pretty straightforward trial-style pay model, and the initial free download will hopefully get many more people playing Color Monkey’s excellent brand of pinball games.

If you like pinball but never tried out Revenge of the Rob-O-Bot, you can still grab it from the App Store for the time being. Even though it will eventually go away, it’s nice to be able to have it in its “pure" form. If you don’t want to deal with any of that and just want the revamped version and Masks of Glory, then Atomic Pinball Collection should be hitting soon, and we’ll definitely give you a heads up when it does.

Thanks Joshua for the tip!

[Via Pinball Arcade Fans]

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